This is the unofficial Wiki to the EN Café - you can contribute to the Wiki after you register a Wikia account! It is asked that you read the standards below before you contribute.

About the EN Café Wiki

This was mainly made due to the prior EN Café being outdated and being filled with mostly biased articles about players. This Wiki hopes to pick up where the last one left off and implement biographies of notable players on the Café and notable events in a factual manner. Most of the events will be from December 2017 onwards as that is when this wiki was created


Be civil

Civility is a code of conduct on most Wikis. Respecting the users on this Wikia is important and failure to do so may result in a ban depending on the severity of it. Following this rule ultimately makes the Wiki a pleasant place to visit.


The EN Café Wiki is not censored, but using words in an offensive way to other users can result in a ban. It is also asked that in pages you refrain from adding inappropriate language unless it ultimately benefits the article (such as in quotes of a particular player).


We will not allow vandalism in this Wiki. Vandalism is removing content from pages, adding untrue information, using bad language etc. Punishments will depend on how severe the vandalism is.